iNSPIRE Quality of Life Improvement Project

The iNSPIRE Project ended in March 2023.

Who is Eligible for the Project?

The Integrate fuN, Sustainable, Programming that is Innovative, Rewarding and Enriches (iNSPIRE) project provides skilled nursing facilities with the iN2L engagement technology, which offers thousands of computer-based experiences aimed at improving quality of life, reducing psychotropic drug use, providing stress relief, and much more.  Congratulations to the 60 skilled nursing facilities selected to be part of the iNSPIRE Project! 

How Long is the Project?

Beginning in April 2020, the three-year project supports a study including 30 residents at 60 skilled nursing facilities for a total of 1,800 study participants and includes an evaluation to determine changes over time. 

Is There a Cost to Participate? 

No, the California Department of Public Health awarded a grant of $2.6 million to the LeadingAge California Foundation to implement the engaging, computer-based program known as “It’s Never Too Late” (iN2L) in skilled nursing facilities. Join LeadingAge California by participating in the iNSPIRE project to deliver engaging and individualized recreational and leisure activities (RLAs) using iN2L engagement technology. The project is funded by a civil monetary penalty (CMP) grant and is the first of its kind in California.

Which of Our Residents Does the Project Support?

The iNSPIRE project targets up to 1,800 residents with cognitive decline (dementia), social isolation, or symptoms of depression and evaluates the impact that using iN2L’s interactive content on touch screen systems has on:

  • Improving resident quality of life (QOL)
  • Reducing the use of antipsychotics

The project includes evaluation on the quality of care, and quality of life, through two measurable objectives:

  • Reduce antipsychotic use by twenty percent (20%)
  • Increase participation in person centered activities by twenty percent (20%)

What Happens to the Equipment?

All the iN2L equipment (three tablets, one 23” Mobile FLEX System, one Bike Simulator, one Flight Simulator, one Drive Simulator) is yours to keep after the project ends on March 31, 2023.

If you chose NOT to continue the iN2L subscription at the end of the grant-funded 24-months, the equipment will be reset to factory settings. If you chose to continue the iN2L subscription at your own cost, you can carry on using and enjoying the equipment and iN2L content as normal. 

Any questions regarding your iN2L subscription can be directed to Carmeli Hocson, iN2L’s Senior Customer Success Manager via email.



If you have questions, please contact Amanda Davidson, Director of Grant & Contract Administration via email.