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LeadingAge California's Innovation Showcase Challenge

The Innovation Showcase award encourages organizations to compete to win cash prizes and raise the visibility of a provider organization or business.

LeadingAge California awards problem-based technology companies, consultants, provider organizations or others who can demonstrate true innovation in care, housing and services for older adults. We encourage ideas that include evidenced-informed technologies, new approaches to caregiving, life enrichment approaches, enhanced safety and security, and improving quality of life. The Innovation Showcase is held each year during the LeadingAge California Annual Conference & Expo. 

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2023 Winners

First Place ($10,000 Grand Prize): Lotus Labs – The Lotus Ring

With Lotus, you can go from Home to Smart Home in seconds. Lotus is a wearable ring that controls objects at home by pointing. No apps, no rewiring, no internet. Learn more about The Lotus Ring here.

People's Choice: Tochtech Technology Ltd. – Sleepsense

Sleepsense is a sleep monitor and tracker providing real time sleep, breathing and heart rate, and in-bed and wandering information. Learn more about Sleepsense here.


2022 Winners

Early Stage - First Place ($10,000 Grand Prize): TRUELOO

The TRUELOO® replacement toilet seat scans human output to enable better health and wellness for older adults.

Early Stage - People's Choice: CAN Go!

CAN is on a mission to redesign mobility and support people to age independently. We’ve created human-centered mobility devices, software, and AI that expands opportunity, builds on quality of life, and supports safety.

Established - First Place (Amazon Start-up Team Meeting Prize): Embodied Labs

Embodied Labs is an immersive, experiential caregiver learning platform that accelerates improved patient outcomes and increased employee retention.

Established - People's Choice: ElderGrow's Therapeutic Horticulture Program

ElderGrow's Therapeutic Horticulture Program is a full-service program that combines a Sensory Garden with onsite Educators who teach evidence-based, therapeutic horticulture classes that improve life for the growing community of older adults living in residential and nursing care.

2021 Winners

First Place ($10,000 Grand Prize): SafelyYou

SafelyYou's advanced AI-enabled technology and consulting services have been proven to dramatically reduce falls in older adults, as well as the direct and indirect costs associated with them, while increasing length of stay.

People's Choice: Obie for Seniors by EyeClick

Obie helps to enhance the conditions of senior housing facilities, hospitals, and clinics with specially designed interactive games that provide residents with engagement, fun, and encourages increased mobility.

2020 Winners

First Place ($10,000 Grand Prize): SingFit Prime

An award‐winning therapeutic music solution, SingFit™ PRIME is created specifically for older adults in senior living communities, adult day programs, and skilled‐nursing facilities. SingFit™ PRIME allows even those with no musical experience to facilitate therapeutic group activities, tailored specifically for their participants’ age and musical tastes as well as cognitive and physical health.

People's Choice: Agora

Agora is a cloud-based scheduling, participant tracking, and telephone/videoconferencing system that allows older adults to easily connect with others from the comfort of home – regardless of ability or technology savvy.