California Integrated Care at Home (CICH) proposes to adapt and implement a proven, evidence-based health and social care model to significantly increase the ability of older adults in California to age with dignity in their own homes and communities. This model utilizes low-income older adult affordable housing as care hubs in an efficient approach to bridging affordable housing and healthcare. 

CICH differs from traditional housing-based models because it integrates three critical components into a single program: individualized health assessments and activation, clinical care coordination during care transitions, and a set of hyper-local structured relationships between the housing organizations with specific healthcare and community-based aging services organizations. 

This model is adapted from a proven and scalable model in Vermont, Support and Services at Home (SASH®). Based on SASH® results, CICH is expected to save $1,100 per person per year, net of operating expenses. Tailoring the SASH® model to California will result in increased efficiency and savings in reducing chronic conditions, hospitalizations, nursing home use and homelessness.

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