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The gold level includes recognition on the association’s newsletters, website, and PAC events.

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2021 PAC Contributors

Gold $1,500

David Reimer, Palm Village Retirement Community 

Silver $1,000

Allan Jergesen, Hanson Bridgett

Todd Murch, Eskaton

Supporter $500

Deborah Herbert, Monte Vista Grove Homes

Jeannee Parker Martin, LeadingAge California

Rhonda Bekkedahl, Channing House

Tom Briody, Institute on Aging

Sheri Peifer, Eskaton

Molly Forrest, Jewish Home Foundation 

Friends of the PAC $250

Christopher Ichien, Front Porch 

Tuan Nguyen, Relation Insurance Services

Claude Lowen, Resident

Recognized Endorsers $100

Babak Amali, Prodigy Rehabilitation Services 

Bonnie Glassco, Unidine Lifestyles

Cheryl Wilson, St. Paul's Senior Homes and Services

Cindy Ward, LeadingAge California 

David Madson, Sequoia Living

Hollis Briese, Unidine Lifestyles 

Jay Zimmer, Carmel Valley Manor

Kevin Tuuaga, LeadingAge California 

Lea Davis, The Covington

Lynda Tanner, VNA Health

Marissa Feliciano, HPI Architecture

Meghan Rose, LeadingAge California 

Melanie Ripley, LeadingAge California 

Patricia Koscher, BluSky Restoration

Shannon McLoughlin, LeadingAge California 

Shasta McClary, Mueller Prost 

Tiffany Karlin, Mueller Prost 

William McMorran, Green Oak Consulting Group 

Trent Hermen, Select Rehabilitation

Mary Stompe, PEP Housing

Darrick Lam, ACC Senior Services

David Stienstra, Inland Christian Home

Political Action Committee

The LeadingAge California PAC was created in 2014 and supports candidates seeking public office that support nonprofit housing, care and services providers and the older Californians they serve.

Top priorities this year:

  1. Protect the nonprofit status of LeadingAge California members
  2. Promote workforce development that recognizes the pandemic's impact on recruitment and retention
  3. Promote thoughtful and effective oversight of the state’s assisted living communities
  4. Defend against excessive barriers to providing innovative quality care in the state’s nursing homes
  5. Promote public policy to establish and fund a permanent source for the development of senior housing in California
  6. Remove barriers and foster discussion of a nation-wide approach for financing long-term services and supports for all Californians

By supporting the LeadingAge California PAC, you will be working to promote the nonprofit voice in the state Capitol. Please consider supporting the PAC in whatever amount most appropriate for you and your budget today!

Support the LeadingAge California PAC

As the only Political Action Committee in Sacramento representing nonprofits and the full continuum of care, your contribution will help ensure that LeadingAge California members are visible and clearly heard among lawmakers. The LeadingAge California PAC is a crucial component of the association’s advocacy effort and will help to advance a public policy agenda that places nonprofit providers on the forefront of an increasingly complex political environment.

Make a contribution online

Choose PAC from the dropdown menu.

Download the Contribution Form

Print and send check payable to:

LeadingAge California PAC
1315 I Street, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95814
CA ID #1371227