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  • Jasmine Borrego, TELACU
  • Jeannee Parker Martin, LeadingAge California


  • David Reimer, Palm Village Retirement Community
  • Deborah Herbert, Monte Vista Grove Homes
  • James Rothrock, Episcopal Communities And Services
  • Todd Murch, Eskaton
  • Mel Matsumoto, Channing House
  • Sheri Peifer, Eskaton


  • Molly Forrest, La Jewish Home
  • Tuan Nguyen, Relation Insurance Services
  • Mary Stompe, PEP Housing
  • Claude Lowen, San Francisco Towers
  • Jack Cumming, Carlsbad by the Sea
  • Rhonda Bekkedahl, Channing House
  • Keith Carson, Therapy Specialists


      • Ronald Schaefer, Covia
      • Eric Dowdy, LeadingAge California
      • Joyce Yarborough, Pilgrim Place


      • Penny Mallette, O'Connor Woods
      • Laurie Small, Covia Communities
      • Christopher Ichien, Covia Communities
      • Tara McGuinness, HumanGood
      • Jeff Glaze, HumanGood
      • Linda Hibbs, Webster House
      • Roberta Jacobsen, Front Porch
      • Kendra Roberts, HumanGood
      • Kevin Tuuaga, LeadingAge California
      • Shannon McCloughlin, LeadingAge California
      • Cindy Ward, LeadingAge California
      • Angelique D'Silva Williams, TELACU
      • Meghan Rose, LeadingAge California
      • Lea Pipes, Motion Picture & TV Fund
      • Justin Weber, Casa de Manana

      PAC Recognition Levels

      Gold $1,500
      The gold level includes recognition on the association’s newsletters, website, and PAC events.

      Silver $1,000
      The silver level includes recognition on the association’s newsletters, website, and PAC events.

      Supporter $500
      The supporter level includes recognition on the association’s newsletters, website.

      Friends of the PAC $250
      This level includes recognition on the association's website.

      Recognized Endorsers $100
      This level includes recognition on the association's website.

      LeadingAge California PAC

      The LeadingAge California PAC was created in 2014 and supports candidates seeking public office that support nonprofit housing, care and services providers and the older Californians they serve. Our top priorities for 2020:

      Donate to the PAC1. Protect the nonprofit status of LeadingAge California members

      2. Promote thoughtful and effective oversight of the state’s assisted living communities

      3. Defend against excessive barriers to providing innovative quality care in the state’s nursing homes

      4. Promote public policy to establish and fund a permanent source for the development of senior housing in California

      5. Remove barriers and foster discussion of a nation-wide approach for financing long-term services and supports for all Californians.

      By contributing to the LeadingAge California PAC you will be working to promote the nonprofit voice in the state Capitol. Please consider making a donation in whatever amount most appropriate for you and your budget today!


      Make a contribution online 
      (choose PAC from the dropdown menu)

      download the contribution form - OR - 

      Print and send check payable to:
      LeadingAge California PAC
      1315 I Street, Suite 100
      Sacramento, CA 95814
      CA ID# 1371227

      Frequently Asked Questions
      A “Political Action Committee” or PAC is the term used to describe an organization established to raise funds and make contributions to candidates or ballot measure committees. The LeadingAge California PAC is subject to the provisions of the Political Reform Act of 1974 and is under the supervision of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).
      A. No, the Internal Revenue Code includes an absolute prohibition on directly (or indirectly) participating in or intervening in any political campaign on or behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. (See IRS) However, these restrictions do not apply to employees of 501(c)(3) organizations acting in their individual capacity. According to the IRS, the political campaign intervention prohibition is not intended to restrict free expression on political matters by leaders of organizations speaking for themselves as individuals. (See IRS FS-2006-17 and IR-2006-36) Personal contributions to political action committees are allowed. Additionally, any for-profit organization regardless of its affiliation with a nonprofit corporation may contribute to a California political action committee (e.g., a members’ for profit subsidiary or related company).
      A. As the only political action committee in Sacramento representing nonprofits and the continuum of care, your contribution will help ensure that LeadingAge California members are visible and clearly heard among lawmakers. The LeadingAge California PAC is a crucial component of the association’s advocacy effort and will help to advance a public policy agenda that places nonprofit providers on the forefront of the increasingly complex political environment.
      A. Your contribution will be used to support candidates identified by the PAC Board whose philosophies and approach to governance will be supportive to non-profit senior living and services providers.
      A. Depending on your level of contribution, you will be identified in the association’s magazine, website, and electronic newsletter as a supporter of the PAC and the work of your peers. See the PAC Recognition Levels on the left for more information.
      A. Yes! Please use the downloadable contribution form or donate online using the links below.
      A. Yes, a PAC may only accept up to $7,300 per year per donor for 2017-18.
      A. The LeadingAge California PAC’s success depends on the continuous generosity of its donors. The more contributions, the stronger the PAC and more effective we are in Sacramento. In order to be effective, we must continually maintain our contacts, reach out to new candidates, and provide constant education on our issues. One-time contributions are greatly appreciated, but not enough to ensure strong relationships with our elected officials. We encourage our individual members to give when they can and in amounts that fit their budget. All donations are voluntary.
      A. The LeadingAge California PAC is overseen by committee members which is in turn overseen by the LeadingAge California Executive Committee.
      A. Yes. Currently, the following affiliates have political action committees: LeadingAge Illinois, LeadingAge Indiana, LeadingAge Michigan, LeadingAge Missouri, LeadingAge New York, LeadingAge Ohio, LeadingAge Oregon, and LeadingAge South Dakota.