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LeadingAge California will bring attention to the current workforce crisis in our field, and create new pathways for workforce solutions, including consideration of ‘technology as workforce’.

COVID-19 exposed serious long-standing and systemic flaws in workforce – wage disparities, inequities in ability to work during a crisis, and chronic staffing shortages. LeadingAge California's members ranked recruiting and retaining a qualified workforce as the #2 priority for the Association in 2018, and in 2020 as the most pressing issue threatening their daily operations. The U.S. will need 2.5 million more LTSS workers by 2030. California has caregiver turnover rates ranging from 40%-70% annually, and an RN shortage of 116,000. Additionally, there is a shortage of nurse leaders (e.g., Directors of Nursing) in our field. Artificial intelligence and robotics are gaining strength as elements to help solve some workforce shortage issues, yet are not the only solution. Partnering and collaborating with the Stanford Center for Longevity, Silicon Valley innovators, LeadingAge Center for Workforce Solutions at UMass, American Red Cross, Archstone Foundation, the CA state administration, legislators and others focused on workforce will be essential to LeadingAge California’s workforce initiative. 

In July 2022, LeadingAge California was awarded over $25 million by the California Department of Health Access and Information (HCAI) to implement The Gateway-In Project which will add 2,700 Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs)and Home Health Aides (HHAs) to the workforce pipeline through training and job placement. Learn more about The Gateway-In Project here.


  • Convening a workforce "situation room" for key stakeholders to collaborate
  • Creating a draft blueprint for future workforce
  • Raising the visibility of aging services field as a valued career choice at both entry level and management levels
  • Creating partnerships for training
  • Establishing a scholarship program for CNA or similar level training

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