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Partnership to Improve Dementia Care: Discovering Resident Experience of Care Toolkit 2024
The California Partnership to Improve Dementia Care formed a workgroup1 to research and create a Person of Care Survey for residents with dementia and their families so communities have a standard tool for assessing if resident/family needs are being met. The workgroup discussions were broadened to recognize the importance of having ongoing conversations with individual residents on how they view their quality of care and quality of life, the key role of staff actions and observations, and integrating that knowledge into facility operations to improve care.

This document contains a Four-Part Approach to learning more about a resident’s choices, preferences, and baseline condition to integrate that knowledge into day-to-day resident care.

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It should be noted that, while this workgroup focused on improving the quality of dementia care, these resources can also be used to improve the quality of care for any resident in any care setting.

Partnership to Improve Dementia Care: CNA New Hire Orientation Toolkit 2023

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2021 Resources

Best Practices in Dementia Care

Individualized Assessment & Care Planning for Persons with Dementia
Nonpharmacological Interventions for Dementia Care

2020 Resources

These videos were developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but contain valuable information that is relevant to today’s resident care needs.


Activities for Patients with Dementia: Creative Ideas During COVID-19

Coping and Stress Management During a Pandemic

COVID-19 Tips for Reducing Emotional Distress in Patients with Dementia
How to Reduce Wandering in Patients with Dementia

Optimizing Dementia Care in the Era of

Optimizing Person Centered & Family Dementia Care in the Era of COVID-19





Prepared by the California Partnership for Improved Dementia Care, under the leadership of Jennifer Birdsall, PhD. ABPP, Chief Clinical Officer with CHE Behavioral Health Services, Inc. and hosted by the Health Services Advisory Group [HSAG]

These videos provide practical and up-to-date information on dementia care best practices and serve as an excellent educational tool for direct care and executive staff.