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Learn more about this exciting grant-funded opportunity to engage your residents in activities, expand activities for dementia residents, and foster relationships between residents via mentorship.

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LeadingAge California Java Project

Applications for the Java Project closed on October 1st, 2022.

What is the LeadingAge California Java Project?

The California Department of Public Health has awarded a civil monetary penalties (CMP) grant of $1.9 million to the LeadingAge California Foundation to implement Java Group Programs in 100 skilled nursing facilities across the state.

The LeadingAge California Java Project provides skilled nursing facilities with Java Group Programs, which are the first standardized peer support interventions designed to address the critical rates of depression and loneliness across the senior living spectrum and older adults in the community.

The three-year project will assess changes in resident loneliness, social isolation, and happiness.

At no cost, participating SNFs receive:

  • Java Music Club box – includes step-by-step instructions, group manual, facilitator’s guide, hand-carved Aboriginal talking stick, eight CDs of custom recorded music in lower singable keys.
  • Java Time box – includes group manual, large print book of quotes and readings, facilitator’s guide, study guide for engaging residents with dementia, handheld windchimes, forms CD that includes program materials, eight CDs of custom recorded songs in lower singable keys.
  • Java Mentorship box – Facilitator’s guide, mentorship team meeting guide and tabletop sign, forms CD that includes training handouts and more, training modules, mentor’s initiation ceremony guide, six mentor bags.
  • Java training webinars and support throughout the duration of the project.

What are Java Group Programs?

Java Music Club is a structured peer support program incorporating emotion-based discussion topics i.e. gratitude, loneliness, along with music, photography, poetry & quotes. There are 52 weekly themes for discussion, but they are used repeatedly. The original groups have been running for over 10 years. Research has shown significant increases in happiness scores among participants.  

Java Time is an adapted version of the Java Music Club for individuals living with moderate to severe cognitive impairment. It is used with small groups (e.g. 3-4) and includes specially designed activities and training to help staff and residents engage with people with dementia. Research is demonstrating decreases in agitation and increases in well-being among participating residents.

Java Mentorship is a program for people who don’t come to programs. A team of residents and volunteers receive support and training on how to engage with isolating residents. They then visit with those residents to listen, engage, and invite them to join in the Java groups and other programs. Research has documented significant decreases in loneliness and depression (30%) and a 60% increase in activity participation.



Please contact Amanda Davidson, Director of Grant & Contract Administration via email.