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Value First is a group purchasing organization (GPO) designed by LeadingAge to help members address the challenges of finding expanded choices, intelligent solutions, and significant savings. The organization is owned by LeadingAge and 25 state affiliates. we partner with vendors to use our buying power to bring members deep discounts on a variety of products and services.

Value First has the ability to save you money and in most cases allow for continued relationships with the same vendors.


What does a member need to do if they want to utilize Value First contracts?

It is very easy to utilize Value First contracts. The first thing the member will need to do is sign a “Participation Agreement.” This will enroll them into the database and they will have access to all that Value First has to offer. Value First is completely free and exists to save members money. Members may decide to utilize Value First in one of the following scenarios:

• The member has Value First conduct a cost analysis to compare their current prices with the Value First contracts and it comes back with significant savings. (Value First has seen 90% of completed cost studies come back with significant savings.)

• The member is planning a large purchase and would like access to the contract pricing.


Does Value First offer any other benefits to members?

Value First offers employee discount programs that include discounts on personal cell phones, car rentals, and uniforms.

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