SNF Compliance Manual

Skilled nursing communities are among the most heavily-regulated category of health facilities in California. Complex federal and state requirements require a continual operational awareness to maintain compliance. Skilled nursing communities have a myriad of reporting mandates, and are required to seek prior approval from the California Department of Public Health, Licensing and Certification Program for specified changes in personnel, services or the community plant. 

Developed by Brenda Klütz, LeadingAge California's Policy Consultant, the Skilled Nursing Community Compliance Manual provides members and their staffs with practical, up-to-date guidance on reporting mandates and circumstances in which prior approval is required from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

Included is a webinar that provides a high-level overview of the manual to delve deeper into some of the more commonly used requirements. 

View and download the Table of Contents.

This manual is recommended for any skilled nursing community leadership and staff members who are responsible for communicating information to CDPH, or who must be aware of reporting/prior authorization requirements at any level. Order your copy today!