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Welcome to the Policy and Advocacy page for LeadingAge California. Advocacy is a key tenant of LeadingAge California's mission, and the policy staff is active and eager to represent our member’s needs in the state legislature and with members of Congress. We engage in a constant and determined fight to preserve and maintain services to California’s seniors and their providers. In 2018, LeadingAge California worked on behalf of members to advance policy objectives and advocate for positive changes in senior care and housing policy.


  AB 1804 (Berman) – CEQA Exemption –Signed by Governor

Would expand the existing categorical infill exemption in CEQA to include residential or mixed-use housing projects in unincorporated areas of a county that meet the existing conditions to qualify for the exemption. This bill seeks to promote residential or mixed-use housing projects within urbanized areas in our counties and help address California’s housing crisis.


  AB 2562 (Mullin) – HCD Loans – Signed by Governor

Would grant HCD broad authority to adjust interest rates on Multifamily Housing Program loans that utilize LIHTCs in order to make affordable housing projects feasible.


  AB 2753 (Friedman) – Density Bonus – Signed by Governor
Would create a consistent timeline for local government to utilize when processing density bonus applications, which will provide more certainty to developers and a more expeditious development process overall.



  AB 2400 (Kalra)
– Alzheimer’s Disease Research - Signed by Governor

Extends the sunset date for the existing voluntary contribution fund on the personal income tax return dedicated to researching Alzheimer’s and related disorders.


  AB 2850 (Rubio) – Nurse Assistant Training - Signed by Governor

Certified Nursing Assistant Online Training Program Authorizes the 60 hours of required classroom training for certified nursing assistant to be offered through online or distance learning classes. Requires that online or distance learning classes be approved by the Department of Public Health.


  AB 3088 (Chu)CCRC Actuarial Studies & Maintenance Review - Vetoed by Governor

Continuing require all CCRCs to file an actuary’s opinion with the Department of Social Services at least every five years, and requires each CCRC to conduct a study of the facility at least once every five years for the purposes of estimating maintenance costs.


  AB 3098 (Friedman)Residential Care Emergency Preparedness - Signed by Governor

A LeadingAge California Co-Sponsored Bill. Would require a facility to have an emergency disaster plan, train staff on the plan, and conduct quarterly drills on elements of the plan.


  SB 1292 (Hueso)
-- Alzheimer's Disease - Signed by Governor

Directs the Department of Public Health to update the 2009 Alzheimer’s disease Facts and Figures in California to quantify the “burden of Alzheimer’s disease on at-risk and underrepresented populations…”


  AB 2719 (Irwin) -- Aging & Social Isolation relating to LGBT Seniors – Signed by Governor

Updates the Older Californian’s Act definition of “greatest social need” to include cultural or social isolation caused by sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.