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This issue of Engage Magazine focuses on what is often disparagingly referred to as our "civic duty," but at its core, voting is an act of expressing who we are and how we want to live as a free and independent society. To provide perspective on this topic, we sat down with LeadingAge California residents across the ideological spectrum to find out what motivates their activism and drives their interest in current events.

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Eric Dowdy


Read Summer 2018: Emergency Preparedness


1. How to partner with local, operational or regional response entities to better prepare for an emergency or disaster

2. Comparison chart on federal and state regulatory requirements for skilled nursing facilities, residential care facilities for the elderly and other settings/levels of care

3. Chart to show the State Emergency Management System [SEMS] framework

4. All-Facilities Letter 17-06 - Reporting Emergency or Disaster-Related Occurrences

5. Information on the Statewide Exercise Medical and Health to be held during the third week of November. This link contains resources and templates that can be scaled to your own community. 

6. Information on the "theme" of the year's exercise and the Mutual Aid Region with the primary focus

7. Advanced copy of the CMS Interpretive Guidelines for Emergency Preparedness*

* We highly recommend that your community lead for emergency preparedness/disaster response be familiar with these interpretive guidelines [IGs]. The IGs provide information on how CMS interprets the requirements, and how surveyor confirm compliance or identify deficiencies.

Please contact Brenda Klutz if you have any questions or seek additional information:  BKlutz@leadingageca.org or (916) 469-3377.