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High Impact Solar implement solar improvements for affordable and senior multifamily properties. Specializing in California, we utilize special incentives for dramatically reduced energy costs while paying for one hundred percent of construction while owners receive large savings and increase their solar and energy efficiencies at their properties.


Zero cent/kwh possible with combination of California grants and new federal 50-70% ITC for solar from the IRA ACT of 2022.

The Inflation Recovery Act of 2022 has enabled a 50-70% federal investment tax credit exclusive to solar implementation at affordable multifamily properties across the US (properties where the tenants make less than 80% of median income). In addition, the State of California has the most generous solar grant programs for solar implemented on affordable multifamily housing. The combination of these incentives now allows us to offer our California affordable housing customers electricity at 0 cents/kwh for up to 25 years. These incentives have a limited application window and are competitive. High Impact Solar (HIS) and our partners have extensive experience with these programs and actually helped draft enabling legislation. We have utilized the CA incentives on dozens of affordable housing properties in California.

On behalf of LeadingAge California Members, we develop these projects with many of the country’s leading affordable housing owners, and we work exclusively with owners of affordable multifamily housing properties to implement solar and electric vehicle charging stations. We do all of the grant submissions and applications required on behalf of the property owner and facilitate the design and construction of the improvements at no out of pocket cost to owners of affordable housing properties. We also provide any necessary construction or permanent financing. Our customers get the savings at no cost to the property or tenants.

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