Participants will engage in four small group, customized learning experiences that include site visits to LeadingAge California member communities, reading assignments from a wide range of authors and experts in the field of leadership development, along with group exercises and class activities aimed towards achieving a self- exploration of different leadership styles.

Mentorship and Networking

Fellows will have the opportunity to connect with a mentoring Coach throughout the duration of the program and will participate in monthly team calls in between class sessions. The monthly team calls will allow fellows to obtain the tools, experiences, and connections needed to become change agents and inclusive leaders.

What EMERGE Alumni are saying about the program...

"There was never a moment that it wasn't memorable. It pushed me to come out of my shell!"

- Jo Dee Gibson, Hillcrest

"The facilitators and coaches were amazing! They have truly made an impact in my life and career. I am forever grateful for this opportunity to grow as an individual and within the field of aging."

- Karina Barrigan, TELACU Residential Management, Inc.

"EMERGE challenged me to I the person I want to be, or am I not being truly authentic? The program allowed me to take an honest look at myself and where I could use improvement."

- Heather Harris, The Tamalpias