LeadingAge CA Five Things to Know Update for March 21, 2020

COVID-19 Top Five Things to Know for April 6, 2020

  1. Suspension of PRofessional Certification Requirements for CNAs
    CDPH has released a new All Facilities Letter (AFL 20-35) waiving certain statutory and regulatory requirements related to CNA certification during the COVID-19 outbreak. Training requirements for CNAs already enrolled or nearing the end of their training are being waived (as specified). TB tests will not be required if not available (but results must be submitted as soon as practicable, or within 30 days after the pandemic). Expiring certifications within 2 years and those expiring during the pandemic are allowed subject to verifying via CDPH's online verification page. CDPH is allowing reciprocity from other states and countries within the last 2 years. Criminal record clearances are being waived but must be performed as soon as practicable or within 30 days after the pandemic. Changes of addresses for CNAs must be reported as soon as practicable but no less than 30 days after the pandemic.
  2. Communicating about covid-19 cases in your community
    Some of you have had, but many of you are just preparing for your first case of COVID-19 of a staff member or resident.  Covia, a large multi-site in northern California, had its first positive diagnosis on March 18th. To date, Covia has not had any deaths in their communities. Here are some tips on how to communicate about positive cases in your communities from Mary McMullin, SVP at Covia:  1) immediately notify your County Department of Health; 2) Create a statement for residents and staff.  3) After distributing the notice to residents and meeting with staff, post the statement on your webpage. 4) If the media reaches out, have one individual appointed to be media spokesperson to be honest and clear on your communications, and what steps you have taken to protect your residents and staff. 5) Continue providing regular updates, at least weekly, to residents and staff. Here is the link to Covia’s COVID-19 tab for reference https://covia.org/blog/covid-19-update/ .  LeadingAge National also has some great resources on how to drive the conversation around COVID-19
  3. Contingency strategy for ppe / value first partners with america knits for masks
    America Knits is part of a consortium with Hanes to provide 5-6 million masks to FEMA per week. As part of that consortium, America Knits will be providing about 500,000 masks for FEMA per month. LeadingAge members have placed orders for about 80,000 masks so far. America Knits is committed to helping LeadingAge members meet their supply needs during these challenging times.  Please note that Value First does not have GPO agreement with this supplier; LeadingAge members are receiving the manufacturer cost with no fees being paid to Value First or any other entity outside of America Knits. Contact us at Info info@leadingageca.org for additional information about these masks.  Also, put in place contingency strategies for PPE here for eye protection, gown, and masks.
  4. SBA Loans Affiliated Organizations & Faith-Based Organizations
    The Paycheck Protection Program is the primary small business loan program in the CARES Act. Among eligible entities are 501(c)(3) organizations with fewer than 500 employees. Non-profit aging services providers are able to receive these funds, provided they have 500 or fewer employees. This threshold includes all full- and part-time employees and those with other statuses (e.g., per diem/TAR). Not-for-profit entities seeking loans through this program are subject to SBA’s affiliation standards, which prospective borrowers should review in detail. Check out these links for specific information: Affiliated Organizations and Faith-Based Guidance
  5. Resilience: Now is the Time for Radical Self Care
    Dr. Lisa Larkin provides invaluable guidance this week because “No matter where you live, we have all lost our equilibrium in the last few weeks. We are all doing the best we can.”  Her tips: Have a stress management strategy; exercise your mind; taking care and staying vigilant with radical amounts of kindness and compassion; return to the basics. Read this short article to help you stay calm, learn the facts, and help others understand through open and frequent updates.  
  6. resources
    We have up to the minute and regular updates that consolidate state and national information on our COVID-19 Resources page and LeadingAge California Connect