LeadingAge CA Five Things to Know Update for March 21, 2020

COVID-19 Top Five Things to Know for March 22, 2020

  1. Some good news
    Of about 80,000 people sick from COVID-19 in China, more than 70% have recovered and been discharged from hospitals
    Per the World Health Organization last week, "Of the 80,000 reported COVID-19 cases in China, more than 70% have recovered and been discharged.

  2. governor newsom executive order provides licensing and education requirement relief
    Governor Newsom issued an Executive Order last night to relive staff licensure and education requirements in hospice, adult day, clinics, and other mobile units.
  3. new dining service guidance
    Dining services guidance given to LA national to assist with staffing considerations and issued from CMS allows for small groups of about 4 – 5 people, 6 feet apart, to be in the same room..
  4. Asymptomatic staff may return to work under certain conditions
    Employees can return to work if asymptomatic – no fever, no symptoms; if had been ill, and no fever in last three days and tested negative 2x 24 hours apart
  5. Support for Non-Profit Small Businesses
    Small business administration disaster relief loans are available for non-profit small businesses.

Resources: https://www.leadingageca.org/covid19-resources We have many resources available that consolidate in one place both national and state information. We have over 650 members accessing this information daily, and anticipate much more activity in the coming weeks/months. We will update this as frequently as possible. Please also connect on https://www.leadingageca.org/network and invite your staff to join this too.  This is up-to-the-minute information, that will be helpful to your community. Going forward, we are going to do regular two minute videos that will be posted on our website, on social and in our LeadingAgeCA Connect communities, and will do 5 (short) Things You Need to Know every day.