LeadingAge California Co-Sponsored Legislation on the Senate Floor

A LeadingAge California co-sponsored bill that would require all RCFEs to provide initial and annual training on the community’s disaster preparedness plan is currently on the senate floor. LeadingAge California is co-sponsoring this bill with the California Assisted Living Association (CALA) and 6Beds, Inc.

AB 3098 (Friedman, D-Glendale) would not only require all RCFE’s to provide initial and annual staff training on the disaster preparedness plan, but would also require RCFE’s to hold quarterly drills on varied emergency situations. Some additional requirements have been added to the bill after receiving technical assistance from the California Department of Social Services. The requirements include: identifying evacuations points within the facility, location of shutoff valves in case of an emergency, and an appraisal or resident needs plan for each resident.

LeadingAge California believes that this bill will build on what our industry learned in light on the numerous natural disasters California experienced last year, We believe that the approaches incorporated into this bill will allow all RCFE’s throughout the state to build upon the value of advance planning, practice and process.

If this bill passes off the senate floor, it will likely need to go back to the Assembly for concurrence due to the recent amendments. LeadingAge California feels confident that once this bill reaches the Governor’s desk, that it will be signed into law.