Hundreds of Bills Potentially Impacting LeadingAge California Members Introduced at the Deadline

A flurry of legislation was introduced near the bill deadline that may have significant impacts on LeadingAge California members. While many of the bills that were introduced were “spot” bills (placeholder bills that may be amended at a later date), there were some substantive bills introduced that we are currently monitoring, including: 

AB 1914 (Flora, R-Ripon), which would enumerate additional crimes that prohibit the Department of Social Services from authorizing an individual from working in a community care facility, including the willful and unlawful use of personal identifying information. 

AB 1953 (Wood, D-Healdsburg), which would require an applicant for a license to operate a skilled nursing facility to disclose whether the applicant, in any form, has business interests that provide services to the skilled nursing facility. 

AB 2033 (Choi, R-Irvine), which would revise the definition of a “repayable contract” in CCRCs.

AB 2233 (Kalra, D-San Jose), which would expand the current Assisted Living Waiver slots to 10,000, and make other programmatic changes to the program.

AB 2324 (Rubio,  D-Baldwin Park), which would include “public shaming” in the definition of “abuse of an elder or dependent adult.”

AB 2744 (Reyes, D-Grand Terrace), which would require a referral agency that refers a person to a RCFE to register with the department, and provide disclosures to the client that they are being paid for their service before providing a referral. 

AB 3098 (Friedman, D-Glendale), which would require RCFEs to have an emergency plan in place, review the emergency plan on a yearly basis, provide training to all staff on the plan and hold quarterly drills on varying emergency situations. This bill has been co-sponsored by LeadingAge California

SB 1280 (Roth, D-Riverside) which would extend the operation of the Small House Skilled Nursing Facility program in California to January 1, 2026. 

LeadingAge California is currently working with the several legislative offices to receive more information on various other pieces of recently introduced legislation.