Section 202 Funding and FY18 NOFA Status

by Colleen Bloom, LeadingAge: New funding for expansion of the Section 202 program is being discussed as part of the HUD fiscal year 2019 budget now. And a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) is also expected shortly allowing owners to apply for funding provided in 2018.

Member Action Needed to Support More 202 Fund in FY19 

After a long dry spell of no funding for expansion of affordable housing for low-income seniors, current legislative proposals under discussion for the HUD fiscal year 2019 need members' support. The FY19 appropriation in the Senate could provide $51 million for new Section 202 housing, and $10 million for home modifications to assist seniors with aging in place. The House bill also includes $46 million for new construction. Advocacy now is vital to encouraging the expansion of much needed housing with services.

Get Ready to Apply for the FY18 NOFA 

Though the Section 202 program has not been provided any funds for additional housing since FY11, in FY18 $105 million was provided, for which a notice of funding announcement (NOFA) is expected shortly. The NOFA is will likely include the $5 million (half of the $10 million) provided in FY17, as well.

HUD has advised that the FY18 Section 202 NOFA will be published on, which is where all HUD funding opportunities are now posted. Since the NOFA has not yet been published, HUD wasn’t able to share any specific details with the public. As soon as it is published, HUD will send a notification through the HUD Multifamily Housing News email list with a link to where potential applicants can view the NOFA and submit an application. Interested parties can sign up for that email list here. In the meantime, to find out more about the general application process, visit and check out the Applicants tab. This contains information on how to: 1) register at; 2) complete and submit an application; and 3) track the status of your application. HUD also has information about Eligibility Requirements for Applicants of HUD's Grants Programs and General Administrative Requirements and Terms for HUD Financial Assistance Awards on its FY17 and FY18 grants Funding Opportunities page.