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Meet Our Team

Hover over each image to learn more about the staff of LeadingAge California.

Jeannee Parker Martin
President & CEO
(916) 469-3363

Contact Jeannee regarding LeadingAge goals and key policy issues • member and provider issues • future of aging services • leadership.


Eric Dowdy
Chief Operating Officer
(916) 469-3376

Contact Eric for questions on legislation and regulations affecting member communities • state and federal policies and programs • member advocacy.


Cindy Ward
Chief Financial Officer
(916) 469-3374

Contact Cindy for questions on dues • accounts payable • financial statements • corporate compliance • audited reports • lobbying disclosure • 990 requests.


Jan Guiliano
Vice President of Education
(916) 469-3367

Contact Jan for questions regarding sponsorships • awards • partnerships • speaking opportunities • educational programs.


Robin Douglas
Director of Communications
(916) 469-3385

Contact Robin for questions on our website • Engage Communities • Engage Magazine • social media • Engage Headlines e-news.


Lucas Evensen

Lucas Evensen
Policy & Education Coordinator
(916) 469-3378

Contact Lucas at levensen@leadingageca.org


Lindsay Fowks
Accounting Coordinator
(916) 469-3373

Contact Lindsay for questions on membership dues • updating member contact information


Lisa Gerold
Director of Business Development, Value First
(415) 794-1249

Contact Lisa for any questions regarding Value First or how to do a cost study.


Jedd Hampton
Director of Policy
(916) 469-3366

Contact Jedd for questions on long-term care • Medi-Cal & Medicare • managed care • non-profit status.


Brenda Klütz
Policy Consultant
(916) 469-3377

Contact Brenda for questions regarding: public health policy • regulatory compliance • feedback/suggestions on Engage Magazine's "Dear Brenda" column.


Jesus Mata
Policy & Grassroots Coordinator
(916) 469-3383

Contact Jesus to schedule meetings with Executive VP and policy dept. staff • legislative visits for Policy & Leadership Summit, Resident Advocacy Day and Home District Week • grassroots advocacy campaigns.


Shannon McLoughlin
Executive Assistant
(916) 469-3362

Contact Shannon for questions related to our Board of Directors • scheduling for the CEO • general inquiries regarding LeadingAge CA.


Melanie Ripley
Director of Membership
(916) 469-3392


Contact Melanie for questions on levels of membership • membership dues • membership benefits and other general inquiries.


Meghan Rose
General Counsel & Director
of Housing Policy

(916) 469-3372

Contact Meghan regarding HUD • HCD • affordable housing • housing with services • low-income housing tax credit • home and community-based services.


Chad Tittle
Graphic Designer
(916) 469-3369

Contact Chad regarding advertising in Engage Magazine and Membership Directory • LeadingAge California design standards/guidelines


Kevin Tuuaga
Director of Education & Events
(916) 469-3365

Contact Kevin for questions about EMERGE • LeadingAge CA regions • registrations for meetings and events.