Learning Resources

CHEX eLearning by Corridor

LeadingAge California and Corridor Education Services have partnered to provide LeadingAge California members discounted pricing on purchases through Corridor's Bookstore and CHEX eLearning. All members will receive a 15% discount when using the LeadingAge California discount code of "Aging" at checkout. 

Questions or need assistance? Contact Peggy Patton at (913) 362-0600.

The AANAC and AADNS Training Partner Program

The AANAC and AADNS Training Partner Program gives you the opportunity to offer our expert-developed, peer-reviewed, and always up-to-date training programs. They’ll help you provide the real-world LTC education your members and clients are looking for while also helping you add to your organization’s bottom line.

LeadingAge CA members can receive 10% off online education resources using the promo code ONLINE18LACA. (Does not apply to workshops/printed materials).

Institute on Aging

Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging offers webinars throughout the year. You can register online by linking to Mather LifeWays.


Dementia Caregiver Care Planning Tool

Do you help someone with memory loss? This tool can help find support that is right for you.


Welcome to Care Crowd VT!

LeadingAge California is very excited to partner with Care Crowd to bring you this revolutionary, online training platform that brings Clint Maun’s widespread experience and appeal to the whole of the care community, in the form of vital, invigorating training for care professionals of all levels and positions!.

For only $1.19 per day, per facility/site location, all the employees can have state-of-the-art, online, video-based training featuring Clint’s unique, magic touch. Care Crowd VT offers invigorating, entertaining, short and to-the-point chapters focusing on attitudes, customer services, teaming and advancement of the care professional. It is strategically priced at an easily affordable rate to make it accessible to even the smallest care providers. Organizations of any size can learn to create stellar customer outcomes and add millions of success stories to the state of the care profession.

The Care Crowd training is comprised of the following courses:
• Care is Cool
• Customers are Great
• Teaming Makes it Easier
• I (personally) Make the Difference.

With the special LeadingAge member discount the cost for a 3-year site license is $1,300, per facility/site location. It includes unlimited site users, unlimited use, managerial oversight/administration built-in, training certifications and NAB administrator CEUs. For more information check out the Care Crowd website www.carecrowd.org/leadingage

NHAP Resources

Link to the most recent Nursing Home Administrator forms on the California Department of Public Health website. Questions? Call the NHAP at (916) 552-8780.

The SCAN Foundation

The SCAN Foundation is an independent public charity devoted to transforming care for older adults in ways that preserve dignity and encourage independence. Through its 2009 themed request for proposals, they have supported five grantees to develop a series of continuing education curricula (in-services) for certified nursing assistants (CNA) and home health aides (HHA). The curricula are available at no cost for employers of direct care workers to use as part of their training.

Palliative Care Models - CSU Institute for Palliative Care

Palliative Care Models defines and describes the seven predominant palliative care models, including the services typically provided, the care setting(s), as well as staffing considerations. You and your team will also learn about the benefits and challenges of each model in relation to continuity of care. Learn more

Administrator Certification Process

Don’t Wait until the Last Minute to Renew Administrator Applications

ACS data shows many administrators are renewing administrator certificate applications too close to the expiration date on the certificate. The ACS sends out a 90-day notice prior to each administrator’s certificate expiration date. This is a reminder to send in your renewal application, not a reminder to take your continuing education training program courses.

  • Administrators need to allow 90 days for the processing of renewal applications from the date that the ACS receives it.
  • Administrators can check the application dates that are currently being processed by ACS on the ACS website
  • Administrators can also check the status of applications via the ACS automated telephone system at (916) 653-9300. Administrators need to have the certificate number ready to insert into the interactive system for the status of the application.


Only CDSS approved vendors and courses are allowed for CDSS administrators.

  • The ACS continues to receive course certificates from unapproved vendors, submitted by administrators as part of their renewal applications. Only certificates issued by a CDSS approved vendor with the required information can be used for continuing education course credits.
  • A certificate of course completion must be signed by the vendor or the vendor’s authorized representative and include: the vendor name and vendor number, the course name and course number, the course hours, date, time, and location of the course.
  • If there is no vendor name and number and/or no course name and course number, it is most likely not a CDSS approved course. Note: *CPI Blue Cards are not accepted without the accompanying certificate of completion. Only courses that are provided directly by CPI, not a secondary instructor, will have course approval codes.
  • A list of CDSS approved vendors is available on the ACS webpage.
  • It is important that all vendors and administrators understand what information is required on a course completion certificate in order to be accepted by ACS. The ACS is dedicating space in this issue of the Insider to ensure that vendors and administrators clearly understand course completion certificates, as well as the required content.