Aging2.0 and AgeTech West Alliance


As of January 2015, AgeTech West, a West Coast network of aging service providers and technology companies, integrated into Aging2.0, the global innovation network and startup accelerator. The integration created the 'Aging2.0 Alliance' -  a new program for innovative providers and technology companies. AgeTech West's partners include founding associations LeadingAge California, LeadingAge Washington and LeadingAge Oregon, and a number of aging services providers and business partners.

LeadingAge California, Oregon and Washington have partnered with Aging2.0 to lead the education and broad-based cultivation of technology innovation opportunities for its members as a "Charter Premier Association Partner" in the Aging2.0 Alliance. Through this partnership, LeadingAge [CA/OR/WA] will remain at the forefront of developments in the aging technology arena and will be able to achieve its strategic technology objectives for members in a faster, bolder and more sustainable way than it could accomplish on its own. LeadingAge (CA/OR/WA) members who wish to be directly engaged in the aging technology community are encouraged to join the Aging2.0 Alliance. 

To learn more about the integration, read the FAQs below.

1. What happened to AgeTech? Who is Aging2.0 and what is the Aging2.0 Alliance?

AgeTech West was fully integrated into Aging2.0 as of January 1, 2015 and is now part of the Aging2.0 portfolio of services as an expanded and further developed "Aging2.0 Alliance."

  • AgeTech was created to accelerate technology adoption by senior living/service providers
  • In its 4th year, AgeTech's vision was to expand partners, expand conference and create an online "Exchange."
  • AgeTech and Aging2.0 have compatible missions, networks and partners
  • Aging2.0 has the resources, contacts and expertise to fully execute and elevate AgeTech's vision to a whole other level
  • The combined organization will create an unparalleled platform to accelerate innovation and tech adoption

The Aging2.0 Alliance will be a global platform and membership program for innovative providers (nonprofit and for-profit), technology companies, consultants and related businesses. It features connection and collaboration opportunities as well as preferred access to the pipeline of innovation from the Aging2.0 Academy start-up technology accelerator program, companies receiving early-stage investments through Generator Ventures, as well as innovations from established technology companies. It also includes subscription in an online aging technology directory, partnership brokerage, peer/user forum, and networking community tentatively called the "Aging2.0 Exchange" to be developed in 2015, and discounts to Aging2.0 events.

Aging2.0 is a San Francisco based global organization on a mission to accelerate innovation that will improve the lives of older adults around the world. Aging2.0 connects, educates and supports innovators through its global network, consumer research panel, conferences, Aging2.0 Academy startup program and the Generator Ventures fund. In less than three years, Aging2.0 has become the premier platform for discovering and cultivating innovations focused on aging and long-term care. Aging2.0 has established 50 chapters to date which help spread the mission of innovation for older adults around the world. 

2. Will the AgeTech Conference continue?

The AgeTech Conference will continue as the Aging2.0 "AGETECH EXPO." It will be a practical provider-focused industry-leading conference & technology exposition, including educational sessions, networking, and pilot/distribution channel opportunities.

3. Will LAC members get a discounted rate for the Aging2.0 AGETECH EXPO?

Yes, members of Premier Association Partners like LeadingAge [CA/OR/WA] will receive discounted registration rates at the AGETECH EXPO.

4. Will our members get priority for pilots?

Yes, members of Premier Association Partners like LeadingAge [CA/OR/WA] will receive priority for technology pilot opportunities following Aging2.0 Leaders Circle and Alliance members.

5. Will aging technology news still be included in Engage Headlines e-news?

Yes. Aging2.0 will be sending specific information, such as promotional materials for the "AGETECH EXPO" and technology opportunities for distribution to the LeadingAge [CA/WA/OR] memberships, and is happy to provide occasional feature articles for Premier Association Partners per request.